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The Power of Integrating UnifyOrdering with ERP and Accounting Software

In the dynamic environment of B2B commerce, the shift towards mobile ordering is undeniable. Did you know that up to 85% of B2B orders are now placed on mobile devices? This trend highlights the growing importance of mobile-friendly solutions in the world of distribution and small-scale production.

On average, it takes 5 minutes to process an order, from the moment your operator picks up the phone or opens the email until the order is released in your ERP system. This process can also lead to errors and inaccuracies. However, by integrating UnifyOrdering, your orders can be processed within seconds, saving you 99% of the time, ensuring accuracy, and saving you thousands.

Mobile-First Approach: Driving Sales and Efficiency

Embracing a mobile-first approach isn't just about keeping up with trends—it's about unlocking new opportunities for growth. Research shows that buyers tend to spend more when purchasing via mobile apps compared to traditional ordering processes. By providing your customers with a seamless mobile ordering experience, you not only enhance customer satisfaction but also drive sales and revenue.

With UnifyOrdering, you can tap into the power of mobile commerce and elevate your business to new heights. Our mobile-friendly B2B app empowers your buyers to place orders anytime, anywhere, ensuring maximum convenience and accessibility.

Cost-Saving Solutions: Maximizing Your ROI

In today's competitive world, every penny counts. Integrating your B2B app with ERP and accounting software isn't just a smart business move—it's a cost-saving strategy that can yield significant returns. Consider this: integrations can save thousands of euros or dollars every month by eliminating manual processes and reducing the risk of errors with €0 upfront costs.

What's more, integrating UnifyOrdering is a cost-effective solution that delivers impressive ROI. Compared to custom-made apps, which can cost a fortune to develop and maintain, UnifyOrdering is 10 times cheaper. With UnifyOrdering, you get all the benefits of a cutting-edge B2B app without breaking the bank.

Seamless Integration: From Setup to Success

Time is money, that's why UnifyOrdering is designed for seamless integration, allowing you to start reaping the benefits in minutes, not months. Whether you're a distributor or a small producer, our user-friendly interface makes integration a breeze, with just a few simple steps. Find here the list of Integrations already active:

Custom integration are available as well, talk to the customer success team today to find out more.

Say goodbye to lengthy setup processes and hello to streamlined, automated workflows that save you time and resources. With UnifyOrdering, you can focus on what matters most—growing your business and keep your customers happy and engaged.

Extending Your Reach: B2B Plugin for Websites

Your online presence is more important than ever. That's why UnifyOrdering goes beyond mobile apps, offering a versatile B2B plugin for websites. With our plugin, you can seamlessly integrate UnifyOrdering into your existing website, providing you with a B2B e-commerce in minutes.

Whether they're browsing on their desktop or mobile device, your customers can easily place orders, check inventory, and access custom pricing—all from the comfort of your website. It's the perfect way to extend your reach, engage customers, and drive sales.

What are you waiting for?

The integration of UnifyOrdering with your ERP and accounting software is a game-changer for distributors and small producers. By embracing a mobile-first approach, maximizing cost-saving opportunities, and leveraging seamless integration, you can grow your business and unlock new levels of efficiency and profitability.

Don't miss out on the benefits of integrating UnifyOrdering into your business. Experience the power of mobile commerce, cost-saving solutions, and seamless integration—all in one powerful platform. With UnifyOrdering, the future of B2B commerce is within your reach.

UnifyOrdering Team

UnifyOrdering Team